ODRZ66        2019

A collective project, open throughout 2019.

Every Friday night, starting from January the 4th, ODRZ will record a new track.

Musicians operating in the Electronic, Experimental and Noise scene are all invited to share this project and join us, recording a track each one.

All music will be recorded during live improvisations at the ODRZ Studio in Osnago (close to Lecco, Italy) every Friday from 9:00 p.m. to 11:00 p.m.

The tracks will be released on a monthly basis by Norwegian label TIBProd Records on their Bandcamp page and on the main digital platforms.

The songs featuring guest artists can still be used by them in total freedom.

Please contact ODRZ for more details.










"The End Of The Beginning / The Beginning Of The End" is a 7" vinyl record capturing some selected fragments recorded live at the “Reverso Festival” at SANTERIA in Milan, on the 24th of March 2018. In this live performance, ODRZ plays together with Monofonic Orchestra (a project by Maurizio Marsico), on the sound of his very interesting album "Post_Human Folk Music".

The tracks have been edited by ODRZ and mastered by Andrea Marutti.

"The End Of The Beginning / The Beginning Of The End" is produced by LUCE SIA and is available at










Saturday  15  December  2018

Spazio Ligera

Via Padova, 133 - Milan - ITALY










ODRZ live at DESTINATION MORGUE, in Rome next 2nd and 3rd November.










Video on YOUTUBE with Performance by ODRZ + Alice Bachmann during MARGINI SONORI on March 03, 2018 in Milano.


Video during Live: Alice Bachmann.

Shooting and Editing: Lorenzo Picarazzi.









Saturday  March 03,  2018

Spazio Ligera

Via Padova, 133 - Milano








Sunday 18th June  2017

Spazio Ligera

Via Padova, 133 - Milano





A collaboration between Maurizio Bianchi/M.B. and ODRZ for three tracks in pure industrial style.

Starting from three pragmatic insights by Maurizio, who acts as a solist in all the three tracks, ODRZ builds a dense and substantial soundtrack, ranging from metallurgical sounds to burning sketches, all drowned in a dark and heavy atmosphere, where the disturbing sounds by Maurizio Bianchi stand out.

The work, named “MAUBIA55+ODRZ55”, comes as a CD for the Swiss labels Luce Sia and Show Me Your Wounds Prod. in a limited edition of 290 numbered copies, in a colored gummy wrap.


Images :   01   02







14th  and  15th  March

 ODRZ  Live  in  TORINO


Next March in Turin double nights live with ODRZ.


On 14th at Atelier Giorgi, within NOISE DELIVERY events, ODRZ will play as a preview “ODRZ42 - Simphony n.1” with live painting by Stefano Giorgi, following by live set by Rotchi.


On 15th at Border, with Gerstein for an ambient industrial electronics improvised live set.

Opening the evening by Norðurljós.


Saturday March 14th  - 10 p.m.

Atelier Giorgi - Via Belfiore, 5H - Torino


Sunday March 15th - 9,30 p.m.

Border circolo ARCI - Via Balbis, 11 - Torino


Both live set free entrance








19 minutes video-performance, taken in a single sequence shot.

The performance was made November 9, 2014, in an empty apartment which spaces, arranged on three levels, have been set up with the archive material of ODRZ, for an essential and reactive scene.

ODRZ played three new songs, one in each level, using different instruments and sounds that metaphorically represents the development of musical instruments, composing and sound-expressive evolution of ODRZ.

The live act was enhanced with a performance of improvised contemporary dance by Marcella Fanzaga and Elena Pellegatta, and a performance at grinding machine by Riccardo Deluca.


The shooting, carried out by Greta Fiorentini with an action camera, convey alienating and unsettling atmosphere.

ODRZ would like to thanks Elena, Greta, Marcella and Riccardo for the depth of their interventions, and above all for having a part of the completion of creation and sharing moments of extraordinary harmony.

Thanks to Stefano Giorgi for paintings, made on just for "ODRZ06 Live" (2010).








Krell, a music project by Lukha B.Kremo has a new DVD release, "Prognosis", with 12 tracks, involving some artists that make 12 music videos.

ODRZ shoot the video ODRZ36 with the soundtrack of "Magnetosfera".

DVD available at KIPPLE Edizioni.

You can see ODRZ videoclip on YOUTUBE.







LIVE in Agrate Brianza (MI)



ODRZ will play live next February 23rd in Agrate Brianza (Italy) an excerpt of their latest project called ODRZ33.

It is a musical project made by tracks composed trying inspiration from the Olympic Winter Games in Sochi (Russia) from February 7th to February 23rd 2014.

ODRZ wrote fifteen tracks for fifteen disciplines and we try to convey atmosphers, pathos, athletic skill of the discipline the track is linked to, adding another track, the sixteenth one, our personal Olympic hymn.


Live set  is enriched by sporting videos, each one for one of the disciplines we will perform.

Video are realized part by Kruno Jost (croatian videomaker), part by Piraco.

Grafic project by Piraco; it is his personal view of the official logos of the disciplines.


Lenght of live set is about 45 minutes.


Please contact ODRZ for more details about to be involved such audience.






NEW YEAR  celebration  of  NeoRepubblica  Kaotica  of  Torriglia


Last year, September 23rd has been the NEW YEAR celebration of NeoRepubblica Kaotica of Torriglia. During the day, the 1st sConcerto, Lukha B. Kremo, ODRZ and Dante Tanzi wrote a track each one and played live them together adding some improvisation themes.


The same concept is the basis of 2nd sConcerto in which are involved in ODRZ and Patrizia Oliva who composed, each one, two tracks mixed by Lukha B. Kremo who added vocals on them.


On first final track ODRZ play on left channel and Patrizia Oliva on right channel; on the second final one the channels are inverted; on both tracks Lukha B. Kremo vocals are equalized in the center.

Adding tracks lenght  (10'00" e 10'13") the result is (20'13") just as 2013 year.





Within the Galliate Master Guitar (International Guitar Festival), Friday, 7 June at 9 p.m. there will be an evening of acusmonium music coordinated by Dante Tanzi, during which will be played a selection of elettroacustic music works based on guitar sounds (acoustic and electric) or/and sounds of other string instruments. Created and recorded in studio, the compositions share the intention to shift the border between sound and noise, until considering all existent and imaginable sounds suitable for the artistic creation.

ODRZ participate with a track from ODRZ07 project.

Galliate Master Guitar

Sala ottocentesca

Castello sforzesco - Galliate (Novara)





ODRZ, in collaborazione con Kremo, organizzano un evento speciale:

la festa di CAPO DANNO

della NeoRepubblica Kaotica di Torriglia,

 della quale Kremo é Capo di Stato



La festa é a inviti per un massimo di 30 persone.


Lo *sCONCERTO di CAPO DANNO* si terrà

domenica 23 settembre 2012 (1° vendemmiaio 132)

dalle ore 15,00 a Torriglia (Genova).


Il programma prevede:



esprimeranno SONORITA' per il piacere dell'apparato uditivo



esprimerà MOVIMENTI per il piacere dell'apparato visivo


Seguirà offerta di BUFFET OSCURO per il piacere dell'apparato olfattivo-gustativo.






ODRZ29 - Live in Porta Garibaldi

Thursday,  5th  July  2012 - Starting  at  7.00 p.m.

Live performance on the underpass of Milano Porta Garibaldi railway station, exit via Pepe. The sounds and noises of the trains are mixed with the typical sounds of ODRZ, and the final result is a musical suite between industrial and ambient music.

The exhibition is among the performing arts under the project "Esco Ad Isola" (, planned by the association Nuova Acropoli, whose objective is to animate the underpass in the evening.







ODRZ participating in MAIL4FREEDOM, a project launched by Kremo involving artists and performers from around the world.

The result is a work of a conceptual music, classified by ODRZ as ODRZ27.

Single copy CD for a Baroque-Noise song put in a pronounced industrial look packaging.

Further details on our site, Projects pages.


Manifesto of the project






from the sunrise of Saturday 25th June


to the sunrise of Sunday 26th June 2011



In Horas, it means  by the hour.

Large event focused on interdisciplinary performance, between avant-garde and experimental, 24 hours  long with the main theme of interaction between different artistic disciplines.


Musicians, painters, dancers, readers, video-makers play live in solo and interacting with the other artists involved in.


Added to live set there will be DJ set, VJ set, conferences and meeting with the artists.


The large event will be in

Luserna San Giovanni

(50 km far from Turin)

at ex Spazio Mazzonis

via Pralafera, 36

Free entrance


EVENT              PROGRAM





Sunday  June  19th  2011



Live event-performance with the main theme of the improvisation and fusion between different arts.


ODRZ and Solundivole Sistema Sonoro will play improvising, creating, searching and exchanging sonic spurs.

Meantime two contemporary dancers (Elena Pellegatta and Morteza Afsarian) will dance following their feeling taken from the soundtrack.

The performance will be enhanced by live readings of Mario Bistoletti and Castrenze Calandra and by live film spread on a screen in a “dark room”.

The event will be in a running factory, just close on Sunday, between industrial machineries and manufacturing materials.


It makes use of factory weekly stop for mixing and recreating objects that from gaseous and airy state, could be composed of matter among production machineries.






Project conceived by Marcella Fanzaga on web with The Meeting Point Network Europeo

The Meeting Point 23

MAY  7th  2011 - SATURDAY  

Spazio Luce

Viale Monza, 91

Milano (Italy)


Start from 9,00 p.m.

Entrance fee 8 euros

Booking:  or


-Angelo Contini (trombone)

- ODRZ (industrial noise)


- Marcella Fanzaga (dance)

- Isabella Filippini (dance) 







Project conceived by Marcella Fanzaga on web with The Meeting Point Network Europeo

The Meeting Point 22

APRIL  2nd  2011 - SATURDAY  

Spazio Concept -

Via Vincenzo Forcella 7/13

Milano (Italy)


Start from 9,30 p.m.

Entrance fee 5 euros + membership card (5 euros)


- Dante Tanzi (live electronics)

- Domenico Stranieri (guitar and elettronica)

- ODRZ (industrial noise)


- Marcella Fanzaga (dance)

- Vincent Cacialano (dance) 


- Andrea Butera (video)





March  24th  2011 - Thursday

Teatro Santa Chiara

contrada Santa Chiara 50/a


start from 9,00 p.m.

free entrance


The Meeting Point 21

Interdisciplinary and multimedia performance of instant composing for different kind of arts (music, dance, visual art, etc.) at the border between art and science.

Within Brescia International Festival of Dance XIV Edition and Week of Physical Science in Brescia.



     -  dance: Marcella Fanzaga and Isabella Filippini

     -  paintings: Stefano Giorgi

     -  music: ODRZ






ODRZ will play live ODRZ17 within Meeting Point - Under the Roof (interdisciplinary performances focused on music, dance and other arts) at CSA Baraonda in Segrate, close to Milan, next January 23rd.



     -  dance: Marcella Fanzaga and Isabella Filippini

     -  music: Dante Tanzi, Domenico Stranieri, ODRZ


CSA Baraonda - Via Pacinotti 13 - Segrate (MILAN)


Start from 9,00 p.m. 


Entrance 3 euros






Saturday  November  27th  2010

Industrial  Festa  Festival

Festival of contemporary art and music

In the occasion of the tenth year of ODRZ activity

Collective performance: live playing of excerpts of ODRZ projects, with artists and musicians that crossed ODRZ way during these years.

Industrial music – Instantaneous paintings – Readings – Contemporary dance – Industrial set design and sculptures

Arci Blob   via Casati, 31   Arcore (Milan – Italy)

           from 9 p.m.

ticket entrance 4,00 euros






Saturday  June  19th  2010 - from  10 a.m. to 7 p.m.



ODRZ will play


ODRZ06  Live


Industrial Music Performance

A  whole  working  day  in  a  factory


Live actions during live event:

Dance:  Marcella Fanzaga,  Elena Pellegatta and Roberta


Paintings: Stefano Giorgi



via  Cosenz 44/4





Next May 13th at 7,30 P.M. ODRZ will be guests of "REMINDER" radio programme of Radio Kairos in Bologna (

During the direct broadcast ODRZ will play live an excerpt of ODRZ06 project: the ninth and last Part has been out on CD by TIBPROD, last May 1st.

Radio Kairos is on 105,85 FM and in streaming (






May 1st 2010 - ODRZ06 is completed



ODRZ06 Part IX is out on TIBPROD Records; the opera, started in 2003, has been completed.

ODRZ would like to thanks everyone who cooperated to the project:


Anna Maria and Laura


Tibprod Records for supporting the project


Audio and video:

Enzo Calandra and Marco Meneguz (Nuova Stic)

Adriano Farfaglia (Effetre)

Paolo, Redenta and Roberto Daniele (MABA)




Stefano Giorgi


Voice on Part V: 

Paola Bianchi


Thank you Jan for believing in it!



New project by ODRZ called ODRZ19; it is the soundtrack of “POSTCARDS” video by Elena Pellegatta and Alessandro Mottadelli, prize award at "SOLO IN AZIONE VIDEO" exhibition edited by Perypezye Urbane (

The video it will be part of Exister Festival ( from April 20th to April 26th, in Milan: each night, before the event time, some “POSTCARDS” excerpts will be shown in the theater foyer.





New ODRZ production.

It is ODRZ18, a psychedelic-industrial suite on mini CD in a unique packaging and published on a single copy.

Available mp3 excerpts on audio section.





ODRZ will play live ODRZ17 within Meeting Point - Under the Roof (interdisciplinary performances focused on music, dance and other arts) at ARS Creazione e Spettacolo in Mantova next December  5th.


Artists involved in

     -  dance: Marcella Fanzaga and Isabella Filippini

     -  music: ODRZ

     -  graphic design: Ailadi Cortelletti


ARS Creazione e Spettacolo – Via Bonomi, 3 – MANTOVA.

Start from 9,00 p.m. 


Entrance 8/10 euro


Calendar 2009-2010





ODRZ will play live ODRZ17 within Meeting Point - Under the Roof (interdisciplinary performances focused on music, dance and other arts) at LABA Theatre in Brescia next November 14th.


Artists involved in

     -  dance: Marcella Fanzaga and Isabella Filippini

     -  music: ODRZ

     -  video-live paintings: Stefano Giorgi  


LABA THEATRE – Via Don Vender 66 – BRESCIA.  Start from 9,00 p.m. 


Entrance 8/10 euro


Calendar 2009-2010





ODRZ will play live ODRZ12 next friday September 25th at Arci Blob in Arcore (31, via Casati from 9,30 p.m.) within SPRAWL 2009, cultural large event focused on music, movie, theatre, photography, writing, sculptures....

More details about the event at




On the occasion of forty-yearly of the first man on the moon (July 20,  1969) ODRZ want to remember the event with a celebratory video.

The project ODRZ20 has been made thanks to the shares of:

      - Castrenze Calandra, the story;

      - Mario Bistoletti, reading;

      - piraco, video;

      - ODRZ, soundtrack.


The video is available just as free download so that everybody can enjoy it like so, in 1969, everybody watched the event on TV screen.


      rm: 6'50" - 35 Mb                     mpg: 6'50" - 100 Mb




Also available, always as free download, the music soundtrack and the text.




A new chapter of ODRZ06 opera available on Tibprod Records.

It is the CD of Part II.

ODRZ will play live an excerpt of the project ODRZ06 next May 24th at Spazio MIL, in Sesto San Giovanni (close to Milan) ODRZ06 next May 24th at Spazio MIL, in Sesto San Giovanni (close to Milan), within the exhibition called “Paura non abbiamo” dedicated to the women and the job.

Here the calendar.




Out by Kipple Editions, within Intonarumori series, a new triple CD box set with 40 pages booklet. It is “Sonora Commedia”, the ideal soundtrack of Dante Alighieri’s Divine Comedy.

Thirty-three Italian artists involved for 100 tracks.

ODRZ are in it with the triad of chants XXXI (ODRZ15) and they are also co-creators of the project.

ODRZ thanks, for their kind musical contribution, Danilo Stagni (horn) in Hell and Elisa Russo (flute) in Paradise.



ODRZ will play live ODRZ17 in Comuna Baires in Milan next December 14th during Meeting Point – Under the Roof night event: improvised live performance between music, dance, visual art, etc…



-  music: ODRZ

-  dance: Marcella Fanzaga and Giuseppe Esposito

-  visuals: Ailadi Cortelletti

-  guest: David Gauquelin


Comuna Baires – Via Parenzo, 7  Milano. Start at 08,30 PM




Out at  May 1st, 2008  on  TIBPROD  one new CD release.

It's  Part VIII  of the project  ODRZ06


At the end of the second edition of the music set MARGINI SONORI, ODRZ would like to thanks everyone who enabled the event production.

First of all the Barrio’s crew for believing in the project and for the hospitality and favour proved towards artists and promoters.

All of the involved artists: thanks to them it has been made possible have human and cultural precious change.

As usually, thanks to Fulcro Valtellini.


In Projects Section - ODRZ14 are available images and audio excerpts of whole the night events:
February 5, 2008
February 19,  2008
March 4, 2008
March 18, 2008



New release for ODRZ by TIBPROD  label.

A ritual ambient industrial suite on mini CD called ODRZ12


At Barrio's Cafè there will be, from next February, every first and third Tuesdays, the second edition of the unconventional music set called MARGINI SONORI II.

Each and every perfomed night flows among electronical music and pure noise, experimental and performance, ambient and industrial music, showing distant but original reality on a visual and musical level.


Barrio's Cafè is in MILANO in via Barona corner with via Boffalora (tel. 02-89159255)   


This is the Calendar of February and March 2008:


February 5  2008

METZENGERSTEIN ambient noise
GENTLEJUNK (HR) experimental
ODRZ ambient industrial


February 19  2008

L’OCEAN ambient electronic


March 4  2008

MADAME P experimental
NUFENEN (CH) sepolcral dance



March 18  2008

AMON ambient
GRIEFER (CAN) death industrial
BRUTOPHILIA (CAN) harsh noise




Images and Audio Excerpts of the nights : 
December 4, 2007
December 18, 2007




Images and Audio Excerpts of the nights : 
November 6, 2007
November 20, 2007



New Project for ODRZ: ODRZ14.

Art direction of MARGINI SONORI.

At Barrio's Cafè there will be, from next November, every first and third Tuesdays, an unconventional music set called MARGINI SONORI.

Each and every perfomed night flows among electonical music and pure noise, experimental and performance, ambient and industrial music, showing distant but original reality on a visual and musical level.

The calendar of 2008 year is still open; feel free to submit your own musical project, if you would like to be in, at .

This is the Calendar of November and December 2007:


November 6  2007

LABUN experimental
LUCA VALISI impro-experimental bass
CAVE CANEM noise punk


November 20  2007

KRELL elettronica
SCUM doom ambient


December 4  2007

ANDREA MARUTTI experimental



December 18  2007

KRISALIDE  performance
ODRZ ambient industrial
NASTRO MORTAL body language

Out at  May 1st, 2007  on  TIBPROD  one new CD release.

It's  Part VII  of the project  ODRZ06


Next April ODRZ and Massaccesi live tour: 3 gigs in Slovenia and in Italy:

      - 14 april Ljubljana : DRMK Noise Festival 2007

      - 15 april Castelfranco Veneto : 8MM Noisefest
      - 20 april Bologna :
XM24 .


The website is updated: two live tracks video of ODRZ07 project and samples audio of ODRZ06 project are now online. 

And it has been created the reviews  in Discography  Menu


During latest MMKamp in Labin (Hroatia), ODRZ (live soundtrack) and the Hroatian group IL.MURO.DEL.RU-MUORE (grinders) played together T.DK.Z18 (TEST2) performance.

The promo-video  is now available on our web-site.

The groups are planning a live tour of the project.


ODRZ will play live ODRZ07 during MMKamp festival in Labin (Hroatia) at the end of next July  and  at Malastrana Festival in Cascina (Pisa, Italy) the first week-end of next September.

On the occasion of MMKamp it will be shown new project ODRZ13, soundtrack for the physical theatre performance of the Hroatian ensemble Noise Wall.


Two new ODRZ CD releases by TIBPROD are out now.

They are Part IV and V of the ODRZ06 project.

Part V lunch time borderline of the beginning of the end of the day, represents a break in the project as well as the lunchtime represents one in every day's routine.

Leaving the fabric machineries is a change towards other sounds and vibes.

For ODRZ it is an opportunity to explore a new horizon, the natural, intensive voice of the guest, Paola Bianchi (Ludmila, Femina Faber)

11-03-2006 Double night live next March 31 at FOLLETTO in Abbiategrasso, near Milan, with Massaccesi from USA + ODRZ
23-11-2005 Next november 25 ODRZ play live, at “IL FOLLETTO” in Abbiategrasso, the new project called  ODRZ12. During same night spoken-word by Kremo taken from his latest book+CD “Il Grande Tritacarne
17-11-2005 New release by ODRZ. The track ODRZ11 is included in a collective CD attached by the book “Il Grande Tritacarne” edited by  Kipple Officina Libraria

Is out now on TIBPROD a new double CD collective release called Cat-zen-jammer/Catz-en-jammer.

ODRZ is in it with ODRZ10, an ultra noise track


ODRZ10 is the latest ultra noise track from ODRZ.

It will be out soon by TIBPROD within a collective CD.

More details in project page


Out at  May 1st, 2005  on  TIBPROD  one new CD release.

It's Part I of the project ODRZ06

25-02-2005 NOIZE-ON  TOUR
3 nights of experimental and noise live music in the surroundings of Milan.
ODRZ will play ODRZ07 live next March 5th in Monza

The collective CD called  “Il programma di Religione”  is out now at Boyarm.

ODRZ is in with a track dedicated to Stephen II  (ODRZ08)


Updated  Audio  Section  in  Projects  Menu with 3 mp3 samples taken from ODRZ07.
An entire track (ODRZ07-01) is available to download at
Kipple, the label that published the CD.
Updated also 
LIVE  page with some photos shooted during our latest concert in Milan


Next December 3 display preview of CD project called  ODRZ07, published by  Kipple  within  Intonarumori  collection.

Live in Milan at La Cueva (No-Art Gallery)


Available now on  TIBPROD  the collective CD Reconstruct II.

ODRZ are in it with Mai remix. Project name is ODRZ09


Available  now  5  ODRZ06-03  excerpts  1'  long  each  one.

Downloadable  mp3  tracks at  Audio  Section, in  Projects  Menu


ODRZ in concert next  September  12,  during  EEII Festival  in Krizevci (Croatia). It will happen in September 10, 11, 12


New Project for ODRZ: ODRZ08.

Participation with a track to “Il Programma di Religione”, CD project edited by  Boyarm .

Publication on CD next Autumn.

More details within Project page


Inaugurated  Video  Section  within  Project  page.

Free downloadable now  the video elaborated and produced by Stupor  about  ODRZ05  performance in Munich  July  18  2003


Available now on  TIBPROD  two new ODRZ's CD releases. They are  Part III and Part VI  of the project ODRZ06. The work is made up of 9 Parts, wich will be published at maturity on a fixed day, May 1st of next years


Inaugurated  an  Audio  Section, in  Projects  Menu.

Within  it  downloadable  mp3  tracks  and  excerpts. 

Available  now  5  ODRZ05  excerpts  1'  long  each  one


Out at  May 1st, 2004  on  TIBPROD  two new CD releases. They are Part III and Part VI of the project ODRZ06


ODRZ are working on a new project called ODRZ07. It’ s a noise musical project: all tracks are played only with treated guitars and microphones.

It will be out next Autumn


Collective Jukebox 4.03  is in Milan from April 3 to April 28. ODRZ are in it with two tracks:  ODRZ04.01  and  ODRZ04.02