ODRZ83        2023

Remix of “Manrovesci”, song by Arlo Bigazzi and Elena M. Rosa Lavita, released like single in preview of their work.





ODRZ78        2022

3 Tracks

Free Download

    01 - SW Stop War

    02 - HW Half Way

    03 - FW Free World



Image :   01





ODRZ75        2021

Project made during 2020, on the rare occasions in which it has been possible working in ODRZ studio, due to the large blocks and consequent travel restrictions.

Four songs written, recorded and mixed in just under ten sessions, between February and September.

Four psychic splashes that climb on their own outbursts.



Image :   01




ODRZ74        2020

ODRchestra was born at the end of 2019 on the occasion of an improvisation evening with eight musicians from the noise- postindustrial-experimental area.

ODRchestra introduces itself as a small modern symphony orchestra.

Small: for the number of components, an octet.

Orchestra: for the variety of instruments on stage: guitars, voices, self-made instruments, synthesizers, electronic rhythms.

Symphonic: for the proposed songs, improvised, which have structures, passages, sounds and atmospheres typical of symphonies.

Modern: for the musical proposal, which fits fully into the contemporary panorama of border music.

Published on tape by LUCE SIA  (


Marco Casiraghi

Carlo Monti

Enrico Ponzoni

Sacha Rovelli – Icydawn

Luca Di Nenno – Lotte

Marco Vidale – Lotte




Image :   01





ODRZ73        2020

Ten years ago, on May 1st, the ODRZ06 project ended with the release of the ninth CD of the series.

At the time it was possible to stage a nine-hour live event (four hours live, one lunch break hour, another four hours live).

Ten years later, ODRZ put out the "tenth" hour.

The mechanical assembly of the nine hours allowed that sounds, loops and rhythmic sequences generate unexpected facets and new directions.

Sounds and atmospheres from heavy industry, machinery, puffs, noises, all is drowned in the industrial sounds that mark the entire work out.

The voice of Paola Bianchi, here as well as then, soars at times giving a glimmer of humanity to the whole.

The work comes out, again, (only in digital format) by the Norwegian label TIBProd.


Image :   01





ODRZ72        2020

Video for the celebration of The Workers' Day, on May 1, 2020.

Suspended sounds, for distant images.

Past, distant places.

Faces, countless faces. They're looking at us. Now and inside.

Music: ODRZ

Video: Enrico Ponzoni







ODRZ71        2020







ODRZ70        2020

Collaboration between ODRZ and Sisto Palombella. During some impro sessions in 2019, two medium-length tracks are recorded.

An unusual cross between two seemingly distant realities comes to life.

A more traditional sound of synth accordion (accordion with built-in electronics) and industrial noise sounds.

The result is an out-of-the-box musical journey that transcends the musical genres of their respective musicians, for a dreamlike, dreamy ride.



Image :   01    02    03






ODRZ69        2019

ODRZ + body-performance by LametàFisica.

Video available here:





ODRZ68        2019

“Exodus” by Barafoetida, remixed by ODRZ.

Play it on YouTube:






ODRZ67        2019

Three tracks collective CD. In each one is present an ODRZ female guest musician: Braconidae, Laura Agerli and LaMetàFisica.

From gloomy electronics to dark and harsh noise, for a feminine journey within "other" sounds.

Published by the Spanish label Marbre Negre, the cover image is the unique work of matter by Loredana Mandressi, historical ODRZ collaborator and creator of the group logo.


Image :   01






ODRZ66        2019

A collective project, open throughout 2019.

Every Friday night, starting from January the 4th, ODRZ will record a new track.

Musicians operating in the Electronic, Experimental and Noise scene are all invited to share this project and join us, recording a track each one.

All music will be recorded during live improvisations at the ODRZ Studio in Osnago (close to Lecco, Italy) every Friday from 9:00 p.m. to 11:00 p.m.

The tracks will be released on a monthly basis by Norwegian label TIBProd Records on their Bandcamp page and on the main digital platforms.

The songs featuring guest artists can still be used by them in total freedom.

Please contact ODRZ for more details.

              THANKS !!!





ODRZ65        2018


15 December 2018

Spazio Ligera

Via Padova, 133 - Milano ITALY


Event for ODRZ birthday: 18 years of activity !

In five different live sets, ODRZ played together other guest artists, for a complete interaction with musicians, live video, dancer and theatrical performance.




Music: Monofonic Orchestra, Osvaldo Schwartz, Francesco Zago, Diarrheal Blast, Fecalove


Video: Alice Bachmann


Dancer: LaMetáFisica


Theatre: LiberaMenteLegati







Images :   01   02   03   04   05   06   07   08




Spazio Ligera staff and all the artists

for their contribution

to the realization of this event !!!






ODRZ64        2018

"The End Of The Beginning / The Beginning Of The End" is a 7" vinyl record capturing some selected fragments recorded live at the “Reverso Festival” at SANTERIA in Milan, on the 24th of March 2018. In this live performance, ODRZ plays together with Monofonic Orchestra (a project by Maurizio Marsico), on the sound of his very interesting album "Post_Human Folk Music".

The tracks have been edited by ODRZ and mastered by Andrea Marutti.

"The End Of The Beginning / The Beginning Of The End" is produced by LUCE SIA and is available at




Images :   01   02





ODRZ63        2018  -  Destination Morgue

Partecipation at "DESTINATION MORGUE - X edition". Rome, 1-3 November 2018.


        Playbill        CD





ODRZ61        2018  -  La Voce del Corpo

Project realized for the 5th Edition of the Biennal Contemporary art Festival "The voice of the body". Topic for the 2018 edition: "of Joy and Freedom".


Performed live in Osnago (LC) the 28 June 2018.


Music: ODRZ

Dancer: La MetàFisica

15' long


Images :   01   02   03   04   05   06


Video on Youtube


Brossure :   01


Playbill :   01





ODRZ60        2018

Symphony n.2 .

It consists of seven movements, for a total time of about 40 minutes.

First Movement: 7’12”

Second Movement: 7’10”

Third Movement: 6’45”

Fourth Movement: 4’30”

Fifth Movement: 6’16”

Sixth Movement: 4’30”

Seventh Movement: 6’10”


CD available at Torga Amun.


Images :   01   02





ODRZ56        2017

Conceptual music project focused on "news".

Today every news has just issued new, but increasingly it is already simultaneously old.

ODRZ intent to recreate the mood of about thirty years ago news. Just monolithic and incredibly detailed.

A journey back in the past through old industrial sounds and atmospheres for a tape release, classic eighties phonographic support, with ‘Required Rate of Return Records’ label.

Two tracks about 20 min each one, enriched by a series of voices that, each one in its original language, read the daily news taken from a local newspaper (chosen by the voice narrator).


Images :   01   02





ODRZ55        2017

A collaboration between Maurizio Bianchi/M.B. and ODRZ for three tracks in pure industrial style.

Starting from three pragmatic insights by Maurizio, who acts as a solist in all the three tracks, ODRZ builds a dense and substantial soundtrack, ranging from metallurgical sounds to burning sketches, all drowned in a dark and heavy atmosphere, where the disturbing sounds by Maurizio Bianchi stand out.

The work, named “MAUBIA55+ODRZ55”, comes as a CD for the Swiss labels Luce Sia and Show Me Your Wounds Prod. in a limited edition of 290 numbered copies, in a colored gummy wrap.


Images :   01   02





ODRZ45        2015

On June 20th, is the head of state of Neo Kaotica Republic of Torriglia birthday.

An important goal whereby ODRZ have linked their project called ODRZ45.

A 45 rpm vinyl, in a single copy with a customized cover, as a gift to a friend and partner for many years.

The song, an aggressive and sharp industrial noise track, represents, in its 4'50 '' of duration, the frenzied and dynamic course of the first 45 years of life of Lukha B.Kremo.

The final crescendo is looking into the future, opening up spaces and dimensions to his next artistic proposals, which we await with interest.


Images :   01    02    03




ODRZ43        2015

Last chapter of ODRZ project dedicated to new born to parents of our friends.

The song, a minimal ambient industrial lullaby, with warm and enveloping sounds, is dedicated in this case to the birth of a son of our dear friend and supporter.

The esteem and friendship encouraged ODRZ to repeat our homage to this birth in 2014.

With this gift, the project is terminated.

During these years it has seen give CD's in single copies to friends of us, acquaintances, co-workers who have crossed ODRZ path.


Images :   01    02    03






ODRZ42        2015

Symphony n.1 .

It consists of six movements, for a total time of about 40 minutes.

First Movement: 10’.

Second Movement: 7’.

Third Movement: 4’.

Fourth Movement: 7’.

Fifth Movement: 5’.

Sixth Movement: 7’.


CD available at Torga Amun.

Images :   01    02



ODRZ42 LIVE  in  Torino  14-03-2015:

Images :   01   02   03   04








ODRZ41        2015

ODRZ project dedicated to babies born to parents of our friends comes again.

The song, a lullaby minimal ambient industrial, sounds warm and enveloping, in this case is dedicated to the birth of the daughter of a friend of us; a musician and collaborator in some of our projects.

The esteem and friendship have been the driving force in proposing again our tribute to this birth in 2014.


Images :   01    02    03







ODRZ40        2014

19 minutes of video-performance, taken in a single sequence shot (no detachment, no editing). The performance was carried out on November 9th 2014, in an unfurnished apartment


The spaces available have been arranged on three levels and set up with ODRZ archive materials for an essential and reactive scenery.


ODRZ played three new songs one at each level using different instruments and sounds. Starting with keyboards and samplers and continuing with string instruments and microphones ODRZ40 has come to the prevalent instrument set which metaphorically represents an evolution upwards of the musical instruments within the composition and the sound-expressive constant research of ODRZ's.


The live performance was enriched with the improvised contemporary dances by Marcella Fanzaga and Elena Pellegatta and a performance at the grinding machine by Riccardo Deluca.

The audio has been recorded during the filming operations and the cameraman represents the listening hub.


The shooting carried out by Greta Fiorentini with an action camera convey an alienating and unsettling atmosphere. The endless movement of the images inspired by explorers eyes switches constantly the different reference points. The flowing of the images takes the sway up to a dense final result rich in details and viewpoints and represents many different artist's expressions that have been brought to light during the performance.


Great many thanks go to Elena, Greta, Marcella and Riccardo for their deepest interventions and above all for their help in creating and sharing the moments of an extraordinary harmony.

Thanks go also to Stefano Giorgi for his paintings exhibited and painted at the same occasion just for "ODRZ06 Live" (2010).







ODRZ39        2014

CD "sConcerto di CAPO DANNO 2014".

From years ago Neorepubblica Kaotica di Torriglia celebrates the coming of the new year - September 23th - with a music project.

This year it is a collective CD with several artists involved in, each one asked to compose a song that represents his own personal vision of the CAPO DANNO.

ODRZ are involved in with ODRZ39; the track is composed following Earth planisphere changes in its 39 zones, each one of them celebrates the new year.

A personal performance with a meticulous use of frequencies, ODRZ have generated 39 explosions for 39 different visions.

Sound fragments, shock noisy, psychedelic visions, catchy rhythms and distant melodies, alternate and take turns going to create the PLANETARY CAPO DANNO.

Images :   01   02


Video excerpt from the speech by Lukha B. Kremo - 2012





ODRZ38        2014

CD "Minimal Bastard Noise. A tribute to Primoz".

ODRZ is involved in CD tribute in memory of Primoz a.k.a. Mroz a.k.a. Minimal Bastard, a Croatian experimental musician, artistic agitator and provocateur who recently pass away.

The track, called ODRZ38, is a collage of improvised clips, reassembled and stitched back together.

The final sound is a provocative and aggressive track.


Images :   01




ODRZ37        2014

New chapter of the ODRZ project dedicated to babies born to parents of our friends.

In this case the track, which is a minimal ambient industrial lullaby, with warm and enveloping sounds, returns thanks to the birth of the son of one of our precious collaborator of the project ODRZ06.

The esteem and friendship have been the driving force in proposing again our gift to this birth in 2013.

Images :   01    02    03




ODRZ36        2014   "PROGNOSIS"

The project is by Krell who involved 12 artists.

Krell is a music project by Lukha B. Kremo.

Krell was developed from 2003 to 2013.

Krell invited some artists to make 12 music videos.

Krell chose the artists among filmakers, musicians, poets, writers, painters and dancers.

The Prognosis is reserved for you.

DVD with 12 videos for one hour lenght.

ODRZ made the videoclip "Magnetosfera", available on YOUTUBE.

Images :   01




ODRZ35        2013

ODRZ anomalous song, originally dedicated to three babies born in 2012 to parents our friends, it lives again thanks to a new birth of a friend of us too, co-worker, fellow artistic adventures from many times.

The esteem and friendship were the driving force in reviving the track  that is a minimal ambient industrial lullaby, with warm and enveloping sounds, and it wants to be again our personal gift to this new birth in 2013 year.

Images :   01    02




ODRZ34        2013   sCONCERTO di CAPO DANNO 2

Last year, September 23rd has been the NEW YEAR celebration of NeoRepubblica Kaotica of Torriglia. During the day, the 1st sConcerto, Lukha B.Kremo, ODRZ and Dante Tanzi wrote a track each one and played live them together adding some improvisation themes.

The same concept is the basis of 2nd sConcerto in which are involved in ODRZ and Patrizia Oliva who composed, each one, two tracks mixed by Lukha B.Kremo who added vocals on them.

On first final track ODRZ play on left channel and Patrizia Oliva on right channel; on the second final one the channels are inverted; on both tracks Lukha B.Kremo vocals are equalized in the center.

Adding tracks lenght  (10'00" e 10'13") the result is (20'13") just as 2013 year.

Images :   01    02    03


Video excerpt from the speech by Lukha B. Kremo - 2012





ODRZ33        2014    Olympic Winter Games in Sochi

Musical project made by tracks composed trying inspiration from next Olympic Winter Games. ODRZ will release the project just on the occasion of the official sport event: Olympic Winter Games in Sochi (Russia) from February 7th to February 23rd 2014.

ODRZ wrote fifteen disciplines for fifteen tracks (Biathlon, Bobsleigh, Skeleton, Curling, Ice Hockey, Luge, Figure Skating,  Short Track, Speed Skating, Alpine Skiing, Cross-Country Skiing, Nordic Combined, Ski Jumping, Freestyle, Snowboard) in which we try to convey atmosphers, pathos, athletic skill of the discipline the track is linked to, adding another track, the sixteenth one, our personal olympic hymn.

The project is structured also for live performance. Live set  is enriched by sporting videos, each one for one of the disciplines that we will perform live.

Video are realized part by Kruno Jost (croatian videomaker), part by Piraco.

Grafic project by Piraco; it is his personal view of the official logos of the disciplines.

Olympic flag by Stefano Giorgi.


ODRZ33 was performed LIVE sunday, 23rd February 2014 in Agrate Brianza (MI)

ODRZ thank all the artists, friends and the technical staff for their contribution to the realization of the project and the Live organisation in Agrate.


Available on YOUTUBE the Live in Agrate and all official videos (Olympic Hymn and 9 disciplines) with ODRZ soundtrack.


Video Live Agrate:

Olympic Hymn:



Ice Hockey:


Figure Skating:

Nordic Combined:



Alpine Skiing:


Available on NETLABEL.GENTLEJUNK.NET the free full project audio download: 16 tracks (our personal view of Olympic Hymn and 15 tracks about 15 disciplines) 








ODRZ32        2013    Mail4freedom Music:Responce

Participation in "Mail4freedom Music:Responce," Mail Art project launched by Kremo.

USB Flash Drive with a two minutes track inside, obtained by layering a series of heterogeneous noise fragments, for a massive and heavy sound result.

The package, instead, is ethereal in order to lightness and transparency: USB Flash Drive is suspended and locked at the same time and almost unattainable.

A common thread that binds "mail4freedom" projects in which ODRZ has still involved to.

In this case, no sealing, only transparent substance that surrounds and encapsulates the lot.

Images :   01    02    03




ODRZ31        2012  Christmas

ODRZ anomalous song, dedicated to three babies born in 2012 to parents our friends, co-workers, fellow artistic adventures.

The esteem and friendship were the driving force in the drafting of a track that is a minimal ambient industrial lullaby, with warm and enveloping sounds.

The track wants to be our personal tribute to three new births.




ODRZ30        2012   sCONCERTO di CAPO DANNO

ODRZ, in collaboration with Kremo, organized a special event: the NEW YEAR celebration of NeoRepubblica Kaotica of Torriglia, which Kremo is the Head of State (

Participation in the festival was by invitation only.

The *s-Concert of New Year* was held Sunday, September 23, 2012 (1st Vendemmiaio 132) at 15.00 in Torriglia (Genoa).
Program Run:

Speech by Lukha B. Kremo Head of State.

Video contribution in Eurovision.

s-Concert performed by DANTE TANZI + ODRZ + KRELL during which Marcella Fanzaga performed a improvisation performance of contemporary dance.


Toast to the New Year.


ODRZ and Kremo thank all the artists, guests and the technical staff for their contribution to the realization of the festival.

          Photo Gallery           Official Invitation


Video excerpt from the speech by Lukha B. Kremo





ODRZ29        2012

Live performance on the underpass of Milano Porta Garibaldi railway station, exit via Pepe. The sounds and noises of the trains are mixed with the typical sounds of ODRZ, and the final result is a musical suite between industrial and ambient music.

The exhibition is among the performing arts under the project "Esco ad Isola", planned by the association Nuova Acropoli, whose objective is to animate the underpass in the evening.

Thursday, 5th July 2012- Starting at 7.00 p.m.

           Photo Gallery - photo by Edoardo Deluca




ODRZ28        2012   DVD

DVD project: images by Stefano Giorgi and music by ODRZ.


ODRZ musical performance is an Industrial suite 21 minutes long divided into 5 parts, with some sprinkling of Baroque-Noise, including unusual arrangements and hard rhythmic patterns, hazards composition and crazy frequencies.

The track structure start from stimulating experience of ODRZ17 ("Meeting Point - Under the Roof" international platform for the practice of interdisciplinary instant composing), and it opens to new musical composition horizons.

The suite seemed to us so visionary  that we proposed to Stefano Giorgi an intervention. He is an experimental  artist at the boundaries of visual borders; he has enriched ODRZ music with evocative imaginary synaesthesia, improvised during the listening of the song.

The final result confirms the spontaneous harmony between ODRZ and Stefano, thanks to which, during latest years, we have shared several projects.

In order to the production, it seemed natural to propose  to Kremo the publication of the DVD in his INTONARUMORI series.


YOUTUBE (Promo Version):





ODRZ27        2012    Mail4freedom

Mail Art Project launched by Kremo, involving artists and performers from the wide world.

ODRZ received 2 CD of Krell and a series of publications of the "Gazzetta Ufficiale di Trantor" - the official paper of the N/azione Oscura - and replied with a work of a conceptual music.

The two CD of Krell's have been used as a background, after having undergone just a few suitable alterations.

This is the basic pattern that ODRZ used to add its instrumental and vocal interventions.

The final result is a 25-minute long suite wherein the original source can still be recognized even tho drowned in a climate Baroque-Noise.

The project  conceptual part has involved the packaging a single copy with a pronounced industrial look.

The use of printed material received from Kremo refers to artistic collages.

The hermetic seal imprisoning the work is just waiting to be broken.

It is indestructible, anyhow is absolutely necessary to destroy it.

Images :   01    02                                             PROJECT:  01   02




ODRZ26        2011 

Industrial psychedelic-ambient track on CD, just on the occasion of a significant birthday of the greatest fan of ODRZ.

Published in a single copy, it is intended as a gift just for her birthday and mainly for her constancy and intense feeling with which she has supported the ODRZ project during all these years.




ODRZ25        IN  HORAS"  - JUNE  25th/26th  2011

In Horas, it means  by the hour.

Large event focused on interdisciplinary performance, between avant-garde and experimental, 24 hours  long – from the sunrise of Saturday 25th June to the sunrise of Sunday 26th June – with the main theme of interaction between different artistic disciplines.

Musicians, painters, dancers, readers, video-makers played live in solo and interacting with the other artists involved in.

Added to live set have been proposed DJ set, VJ set, conferences and meetings with the artists.

The large event took place in Luserna San Giovanni, 50 km. far from Turin, at ex Spazio Mazzonis - via Pralafera, 36.

Free entrance.

IN HORAS 2011 promoters: ODRZ, Ludwig-c and Stefano Giorgi.

EVENT              PROGRAM




ODRZ24        FUSIONI" - June  19th  2011 

Live event-performance with the main theme of the improvisation and fusion between different arts.

ODRZ and Solundivole Sistema Sonoro played improvising, creating, searching and exchanging sonic spurs.

Meantime one contemporary dancer (Elena Pellegatta) danced following their feeling taken from the soundtrack.

The performance has been enhanced by live readings of Mario Bistoletti and Castrenze Calandra and by live film spread on a large screen.

The event took place in a running factory, just close on Sunday, between industrial machineries and manufacturing materials.

It made use of factory weekly stop for mixing and recreating objects that from gaseous and airy state, could be composed of matter among production machineries.  




ODRZ23        2010

Industrial-noise track on limited edition CD. Eighteen copies, eighteen different customized covers, as a free gift to the artists involved in  INDUSTRIAL FESTA FESTIVAL.

The track has been written stratifying, mixing, transforming and recomposing audio excerpts and samples taken from ODRZ archives.

The piece symbolizes the resume of ten years of work and research and the idea to offer it is as a thanks to everyone who has been on ODRZ side and has pulled for, during these years.




ODRZ22        2010

On December 1st 2010 it will be ODRZ birthday: ten years of activity.

The event will be celebrated Saturday 27th of November, at ARCI BLOB in Arcore, near Milan, with the INDUSTRIAL FESTA FESTIVAL,  a festival of contemporary art and music.

There will be played live some excerpts of ODRZ projects, with a lot of guests that crossed ODRZ way during these years: musicians, readers, painters, dancers will perform with ODRZ that will be as “leitmotiv” of the event.

The night will be divided into some music "pictures" and within them each artist will join ODRZ creating a mini-performance with our music reached by musician participation.

The building of industrial sculpture, dancers and live painting presences will combine within music sets, during all the event.

Set design made up by 4 large paintings by Stefano Giorgi and some maxi-photos of ODRZ CD covers.

Photo Gallery                           Review




ODRZ21        2010

Track for the comedy drama “Il fiore nel fucile” directed by Mario Gumina for Project Next 2010 – Regione Lombardia The exhibition is supported and advanced by Regione Lombardia Project Next 2009 - Laboratorio delle Idee for Oltreilpalcoscenico.

In collaboration with Cultural Association Danzarte (




ODRZ20  - July 20, 1969       2009  

On the occasion of forty-yearly of the first man on the moon (July 20,  1969) ODRZ want to remember the event with a celebratory video.

The project ODRZ20 has been made thanks to the shares of:

      - Castrenze Calandra, the story;

      - Mario Bistoletti, reading;

      - piraco, video;

      - ODRZ, soundtrack.


The video is available just as free download so that everybody can enjoy it like so, in 1969, everybody watched the event on TV screen.


               rm: 6'50" - 35 Mb                     mpg: 6'50" - 100 Mb




Also available, always as free download, the music soundtrack and the text.




ODRZ19        2010

Soundtrack of “POSTCARDS”, video directed by Elena Pellegatta and Alessandro Mottadelli, made only with the aim of a digital reflex photo camera, making snaps in sequence and editing them as a video.

The project developes an idea in  order to the memory linked to a place in which the body is present everywhere: it is a sanatorium of early last century, transformed by and during the ages.

Four places, four different suggestions that move the body: four postcards sent ideally to the future, to an imaginary addressee contributing to hand on the memory of a place that sooner or later will disappear.


Award prize at “SOLO IN AZIONE VIDEO” exhibition edited by Perypezye Urbane (


Authors: Elena Pellegatta and Alessandro Mottadelli

Coreography and dance: Elena Pellegatta

Photos: Alessandro Mottadelli

Editing: Alessandro Mottadelli and Elena Pellegatta

Music: ODRZ




ODRZ18        2010

Live recording psychedelic-industrial suite on a special mini CD: a single copy, in a unique packaging, gave as a gift to the youngest fan of us, E.D., for his eighteenth birthday.

Images :   01




ODRZ17  -  Meeting Point - Under the Roof”    2008-2011

The Meeting Point is an international platform for the practice of interdisciplinary instant composing.

Different kind of arts (music, dance, visual art, etc…) run into improvised performance and instant composing: just as a ground for interdisciplinary exchange, artistic productions and social communication.

The platform functions as a ground for the exchange within each community and among different communities of improvisers in different cities.

At the moment it is active in Amsterdam, Barcelona, Berlin, Helsinki, Milano and Outokumpu. As well as in its nomadic version.

ODRZ partecipating:

  • in Luserna San Giovanni (TO) during the interdisciplinary event "IN HORAS" on June 25th  2011 with Marcella Fanzaga, Roberta Minici, Stefano Giorgi, Dante Tanzi;

  • in Milan at Spazio Luce on May 7th 2011 with Marcella Fanzaga, Isabella Filippini, Angelo Contini;

  • in Milan at Spazio Concept on April 2nd 2011 with Marcella Fanzaga, Vincent Cacialano, Dante Tanzi, Domenico Stranieri, Andrea Butera;

  • in Brescia at Teatro Santa Chiara on March 24th 2011 with Marcella Fanzaga, Isabella Filippini, Stefano Giorgi;

  • in Segrate (Milano) at CSA Baraonda on January 16th 2011 with Marcella Fanzaga, Isabella Filippini, Dante Tanzi, Domenico Stranieri;

  • in Mantova at ARS Creazione e Spettacolo on December 5th 2009 with Marcella Fanzaga, Isabella Filippini, Ailadi Cortelletti;

  • in Brescia at LABA theatre on November 14th 2009 with Marcella Fanzaga, Isabella Filippini, Stefano Giorgi;

  • in Milan at Comuna Baires on December 14th 2008 with Marcella Fanzaga, Giuseppe Esposito, Ailadi Cortelletti, David Gauquelin.




ODRZ16 progress...




ODRZ15  -  “Sonora Commedia”    2009
Thirty-three musicians (or not musicians) are involved in the soundtrack of Dante Alighieri’s Divina Commedia: Sonora Commedia (Sounding Comedy).

The opera is divided in 3 CD’S (Hell, Purgatory, Paradise); each artist has chosen a triad of chants of the poem (the same chant number of the three hymns) and he has written three songs, being based on chants, in his personal style. So the tracks are diverse (in order to instruments, musical structures, ideas) but penetrated with a tiny common feeling, supported by Dante’s book.

The project is out on Kipple Editions within Intonarumori series, in a brilliant box set, with triple CD and 40 pages booklet.

ODRZ are one of the artists involved (chant XXXI) and they are also co-creators of the project.

Horn on Hell by Danilo Stagni.

Flute on Paradise by Elisa Russo.  




ODRZ14  -  MARGINI  SONORI      2007

                 -  MARGINI  SONORI II  2008

Unconventional music set exploring the national and international panorama of a musical cave-like scene, mostly unknown but absolutely active and reactive; scene belonging to artists who perfectly represent the everyday life routine, projecting themselves to a far or close - who knows ? - allucinating future.

Each and every perfomed night flows among electonical music and pure noise, experimental and performance, ambient and industrial music, showing distant but original reality on a visual and musical level: even the most traditional listener will be captured.

Location: Barrio's Cafè in via Barona corner with via Boffalora in MILANO (tel. 02-89159255) 



Calendar  -  february and march 2008

February 05,  2008
February 19,  2008
March 04,  2008
March 18,  2008









Calendar  -  november and december 2007

November 06,  2007
November 20,  2007
December 04,  2007
December 18,  2007











ODRZ13        2006

Soundtrack for a phisycal - industrial performance.

Croatian ensemble NOISE WALL sacrifice alive a car, one of the modern industry symbols, dissecting it by grinders breaking it in a pile of plates.

ODRZ mix the sounds of the spectacle with their own ambient-industrial sonorities alternating deep and haunting times with different more frenetic and powerful ones for a soundtrack in which the blades that dissect the metal are the soloists




ODRZ12        2005

Project no-project for live performance

Equipment reduced to the minimum

Ambient-Industrial music

Always different

For small venues.

The CD is available at Tibprod.




ODRZ11        2005

“Il Grande Tritacarne” is a science fiction book edited by Kipple in a packaging enclosing a CD standing for ideal soundtrack. The project involves many groups working on avantgarde and on musical research less conventional.

The task of ODRZ is “voicing” the last chapter.

The final result is a track with a “circular” structure within deep and beating sounds take turns to martial/industrial rhythms, emphasized by an iperdistorted and disturbing voice.

The end of the world, saw from far away, is a warped of disfigured sounds, which come in the stomach crossing the brain.

All set for a new life.




ODRZ10        2005

Hammers, mallets, trowels, chisels, files scraping, carving, creeping and rolling on steel plates and metal discs. An ultra noise project by ODRZ from these sounds.

The track is within a quadruple collective CD produced and issued by Tibprod.




ODRZ09        2004

Collective project proposed by Cadmium Dunkel and produced by the norwegian label Tibprod.

The subject is remix/reconstruct of some of his tracks, unreservedly alterable.

ODRZ rewrote the track called “Mai”, adding to the original piece sound samples taken from it, altered and played in loop mode.

The CD, called “Reconstruct II”, is available at Tibprod.




ODRZ08        2004

Participation at “Il Programma di Religione”, CD project edited by Boyarm ( about Popes. 265 artist involved, each one with a track no more than 15 seconds long.

ODRZ are in it with a track dedicated to the shortest pontificate in the history, “Stephen II” (752 D.C.), who dead three days after election but before consacration.

The track, which lasts 14 seconds,  is divided into two parts (life – death).

In Part I all the sounds start from human voice, the most used “instrument” for making music during those ages; the notes of the melody are the “translation” on pentagram of the letters composing Pope name.

The end of the track describes the sudden death.

The CD is available at Boyarm.




ODRZ07        2004

Industrial noise musical project, formed by tracks played only with guitars and microphones. The complete transformation of the instruments makes them unidentifiable, and they seem as model sounds and rhythms of different instruments.

The tracks was written making use of several sense of compositions and recording methods.

ODRZ07  Live :  Milano, Monza

The CD is available at Kipple ("Intonarumori" collection).

Images :   01    02




ODRZ06        2003 - 2010

Musical rendering (industrial noise) of a day in a factory.

The work symbolises the whole working day (in Italy 8 working hours and 1 lunch break hour) and it is made up of 9 parts, which are published every year, starting from 2004, on a fixed day:  May 1st.

The work has been completed on May 1st 2010.

Factory engines and surroundings have been sampled during working time and have been subsequently altered. The samples have been used across the entire work: sounds of analogue synthesizers, microphones, effect units and voices have been added too.

The music project intends to describe the fabric atmosphere also from the workers point of view; feelings, status and frame of mind like oppression, effort, iterativity, boredom, dark mood and rescue are translated in music through heavy, industrial and mechanical sounds.

Voice on Part V by Paola Bianchi (Ludmila, Femina Faber).



ODRZ would like to thanks everyone who cooperated to the project:


Anna Maria and Laura


Tibprod Records for supporting the project


Audio and video:

Enzo Calandra and Marco Meneguz (Nuova Stic)

Adriano Farfaglia (Effetre)

Paolo, Redenta and Roberto Daniele (MABA)




Stefano Giorgi


Voice (on Part V):

Paola Bianchi



Thank you Jan for believing in it!



CD publishing (each one lasts 60 minutes) :

PART  I  (8 a.m. - 9 a.m.)   2005
PART  II  (9 a.m. - 10 a.m.)   2009
PART  III   (10 a.m. - 11 a.m.)  2004
PART  IV  (11 a.m. - 12 a.m.)   2006
PART  V  (12 a.m. - 1 p.m.)   2006
PART  VI   (1 p.m. - 2 p.m.)   2004
PART  VII  (2 p.m. - 3 p.m.)   2007
PART  VIII  (3 p.m. - 4 p.m.)   2008
PART  IX  (4 p.m. - 5 p.m.)   2010














CD available at:

Images :   Part 1     Part 2     Part 3     Part 4     

                      Part 5

                      Part 6     Part 7     Part 8     Part 9   


Live Complete (June 19th 2010):

        Photo Gallery      Video


May 1st 2010 - ODRZ06 is completed





ODRZ05        2002

The television, today, is the most immediated media. Audio TV reality undergoes an alteration process by ODRZ. ODRZ05 drives the TV audience away. The ODRZ05 project lasts 60 minutes.

ODRZ used 6 original audio TV sources as real instruments. Every instrument undergoes an alteration process. The final result is a noise composition.

The live performance consists in undergoing alterations the sound broadcasted in real time by the television networks, showing images at the same time.  

ODRZ05  Live :  Barcelona, MunchenMilano, Krizevci

CD available at:

Images :   01    02    03    04    05    06    07    08    09 




ODRZ04        2002

Presentation of two pieces for a project called “collective juke-box”, based on the transfiguration of the concept of juke-box.

Various artists take part, freely, with their own pieces of a variable length included in a juke-box the audience is called to use (in art galleries, museums).

The users can interact with the machine, that usually is a fee-paying entertainment, choosing pieces freely, no matter how many.

http :

Images :   01    02    03    04




ODRZ03        2001

Voicing of an ecological house showed in an exhibition on the subject. The circularity of pieces and the use of noises on background represent an attempt to accompany the short permanence of the spectator, without catching his attention, but above all without making  him feel lonely.  

Images :    01    02    03




ODRZ02        2001

Sounding project that can be set up in a 45’ performance: symbolic representation of the universe, of the four Aristotelian elements that compose substance, of the forces acting within, of developed life, changing of the same life during the time.

http :

Images :   01    02




ODRZ01        2000

40’ length performance with live music, slides projected on three metallic surfaces, video on four screens, audience shut in a cage, industrial scenography

Images :   01    02    03    04




ODRZ00        2000

Musical video project of 14’ length for only one passive spectator who become part of the following performance: tied on a metallic chair with wheels, he is remote radio-controlled within a square surrounded by televisions and speakers.

Images :   01    02    03    04